Sharable Content to Help Spread The Word

Everyone in the community can do something to help end domestic violence and minimize its effects.

We can end power-based personal violence in our city, but it’s going to take each of us working together to create a culture where violence is no longer tolerated and where everyone does their part to prevent it – will you join us in this endeavor?

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Even if you never see or hear abusive threats, actions or behaviors, there are ways you can still be a part of the solution and stop harmful acts before they start by being a proactive bystander.  Here are ways you can harness your superpower and let others know where you stand on ending intimate partner violence, child and elder abuse, and stalking:

  • Learn how to act: Sign up for the next open community training – they’re virtual! Check Facebook for the upcoming training dates or contact us to schedule one for your group of six or more!
  • Show your support: Wear branded gear like shirts, bags, and buttons from local agencies that support or serve victims and survivors of violence (you can get a lot for free). You can like and share their social media posts and stories to help increase awareness. Participate in rallies or events and festivals around town – for instance, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and there will be events all month long. Be sure to post photos of yourself wearing Green Dot gear on social media and use the hashtags “#GreenDotLex” “#BystanderPower” and “#KnowHow2Act” so we can find you.
  • Take the pledgeSign the Green Dot bystander pledge and show your commitment to helping end power-based violence in your community. Be sure to share the news with your friends!

Remember, no one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something. Use your #BystanderPower for good – we’re counting on you!

Think of one thing in your life, what you can do in your community, your family, your workplace, your place of worship, and plan to do it!

It’s Time To Talk

Every other week, Stephanie and Diane sit down with community leaders to discuss some of the most important stumbling blocks and issues facing domestic violence prevention in our culture