The It’s Time campaign is about action!

Everyone in the community can do something to help end domestic violence and minimize its effects.

Think of one thing in your life, what you can do in your community, your family, your workplace, your place of worship, and plan to do it!

Imagine what our community would look like if everyone did something.

Examples of what you can start doing:
  • Believe survivors
  • Call out victim blaming
  • Talk to young people about healthy relationships
  • Be a visible advocate for domestic violence survivors
  • Let lawmakers know domestic violence is an issue that is important to you
  • Learn more about local domestic violence resources
  • Ask your workplace to develop a policy to support survivors
  • Schedule a Green Dot training through Green Dot Lexington
  • Challenge attitudes that condone disrespectful and abusive behavior
  • Challenge sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic statements
  • Examine your own beliefs about violence, power, control, and entitlement
  • Stop making excuses for abusive behavior
  • Stop blaming victims for the harm done against them
  • Realize people we love can say and do abusive things
  • Hold people accountable for their behavior
  • Schedule a training to learn more about domestic violence and what does and doesn’t cause it

For more ideas on how you can contribute to the end of domestic violence in our community, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at ItsTimeLexington!